The exchange with China

Every year we have an exchange with China.

This year the Chinese students visited us in February and they stayed for one week. We were able to get in contact with them before they visited Germany. With the help of an app called “WeChat“ we were able to write to them and we could send each other pictures.

This year the exchange students came on the 4thFebruary at 8 am. They stayed with their homestay families on the weekend and on Monday the school program started. In the first lesson we got introduced to each other, and we had a competition where we had to answer questions in groups of two German and two Chinese students. In the second lesson we played games like UNO. In the 3rd and 4th lesson we had a music lesson with Mrs. Slawitch. The 5th lesson was Geography with Mrs.Walden.

In the evening at 7pm we met in the school hall with our parents and the students. We had dinner together and played a little bit.

On Tuesday we went to a museum called “Quadrat“. We had to sketch our favourite painting and we learned about different colour contrasts. After the tour through the museum we had to craft something ourself. After 4 hours in the museum we went shopping in groups. The girls went to H&M and the boys wanted something to eat. At around 4pm we went home.

On Wednesday we went to our classes with our guests for two lessons and later we produced wooden leafs in the 3rd and 4th lesson. In the 5th lesson we went shopping in the centro for 2 hours. After that our parents took us home.

On Thursday we went to the “ Schalke Arena“ with Mr. Gerdesmann. The tour was ok if you are interested in football. After the arena Mr.Gerdesmann showed us his favourite place to eat after a football match. We ate there for about an hour and then we went back to school by bus. After the trip we were able to do what we wanted so Jiaqi and me went to visit a friend.

On Friday we cooked with Mr. Schössow. We made 4. different types of pizza, salads and as a desert we made ice cream. Later that day the students had to sketch us. The boys and a few girls - including Jiaqi and me - went to Leon's place to play football. The last day was the worst. We had to be at school 5:30 am. Everybody had to say goodbye to each other, then their bus drove away.

To be honest this week was stressfull, but it was a lot of fun, too. Most of us are still in contact and we will see each other again in October. We made new friends and had a wonderful week. So if you are intersted in something like this, you can try it. I can tell you that you will have fun.

Vivian Hertrampf, 8b